Internment of a loved one

Cemeteries in our region

Hall’s Memorials provides memorials that are suitable to be placed at any of the cemeteries in our region. Some cemeteries have specific requirements, or the gravesite may have specific requirements depending on its location in the cemetery or the kind of gravesite that has been purchased (single, double, etc). 


We are able to provide some guidance about cemeteries and the requirements for memorials and gravestones. However, we are not able to discuss the internment of a loved one at any of the following cemeteries. Customers are encouraged to contact the individual cemetery to discuss the interment of a person. Following this, Hall’s Memorials plays an active part in preparing and installing the headstone as required for the location of the grave.


Please see below a list of cemeteries in our region. Hall’s Memorials has provided many headstones that have been placed at these cemeteries, and can guarantee a high quality product that meets the necessary requirements.

To discuss internment of a loved one:


Mildura Cemetery Trust

Phone Kristie on 5018 8263
Email: cemeterytrust@mildura.vic.gov.au
Website: https://www.mildura.vic.gov.au/Region/Cemeteries-in-our-Region


Nichols Point Cemetery Site

The Nichols Point Cemetery is located approximately five kilometres east of the city centre. The location is adjacent to the Murray River flood plain and the flood level of the 1956 flood (40m AHD) has been identified as a serious constraint to the full development of all the land contained in the cemetery site.

Phone Kristie on 5018 8263

Murray Pines Cemetery Site

The Murray Pines Cemetery is located adjacent to the southern corner of the Mildura Airport, some ten kilometres south-west of the city centre. The site, which is 24 hectares in area, has road frontages to Walnut Avenue, Nineteenth Street and Deakin Avenue, with its main entrance in Deakin Avenue.

A new mausoleum, which houses 24 burial crypts, was constructed and opened in 2016 after demand was exhausted at the cemetery’s original, larger mausoleum.

Phone Kristie on 5018 8263

Wentworth Shire Council

For internment information in Gol Gol, Coomealla, Pooncarie and Wentworth Cemeteries, call Jan on 50275027.

Cemeteries in our region​

Cowangie Cemetery

McKees Road, Cowangie
Phone (03) 5095 6266

Merbein Cemetery

Cemetery Road, Merbein
Christine Knight
Phone 0408 502 220

Meringur Cemetery

Meringur North Road, Meringur
Phone (03) 5028 3382

Murrayville Cemetery

Cemetery Road, Murrayville
Janine Crane
Phone 0428 952 148

Ouyen Cemetery

Dunkley Road, Ouyen
Dianne Donaghy
Phone 0429 374 553 or (03) 5018 8600

Red Cliffs Lawn Cemetery

277 Red Cliffs- Meringur Road, Red Cliffs
Jan Ballard
Phone 0409 331 455

Red Cliffs Pioneer Cemetery

Lowan Avenue, Red Cliffs
Jan Ballard
Phone 0409 331 455

Tutye Cemetery

Phone (03) 5095 6285

Underbool Cemetery

Cemetery Road, Underbool
Merelyn Sprigg
Phone (03) 5094 6395

Walpeup Cemetery

Mr Greg Vallance
Phone (03) 5094 1274

Werrimull Cemetery

Cemetery Road, Werrimull
Phone (03) 5022 0376

Cemetery Permit Forms

Cemetery permit forms are required by Victorian Cemeteries for an erection of a memorial or alteration to a memorial.

Signatures on page 2 and 3 is required by Holder of Right of Internment for that plot.  Call us on 5023 2065 to confirm who has the Right of Internment for the plot.

We arrange the permit for the family and send it to the relevant Cemetery Trust.  If the you live a distance away, accessing the permit information on our website may be required and we encourage email enquiries from all over the country.

Application to Establish or Alter a Memorial or Place of Interment (download)

Right of Internment for the plot (download)