Tree Plot Memorials

Their wishes, their way.

Our tree plot memorials are the alternative memorial stone for those who did not receive a traditional burial. For example, those who have been cremated or those for whom a body could not be recovered can be interred with a tree plot memorial. Even in the absence of a traditional coffin and burial, families still wish to have a place to be able to visit their loved ones, leave gifts, and say prayers. 


Hall’s Memorials offers tree plot memorials in single and double size. They are 260mm x 260mm x 260mm; and 500mm x 260mm x 260mm respectively. Design options vary depending on the location of internment as well as the needs of the family. They can be installed laying down, upright, or sloping. Tree plot memorials are usually laid with a concrete pad foundation.


Tree plot memorials are available with all of the same customisation options as our other memorial products. Lettering, font, colour, and adornments are all available customisation options that can be discussed during the design process. We can accommodate ceramic photo plaques as well as vases for flowers.


Families are able to arrange the tree plot memorial before interring the ashes so that the memorial can be installed before or at the time of interring the ashes, as the family sees best. However, with this in mind, a memorial can be added at any time once the cemetery permit is complete.


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