Traditional lawn modules that stand the test of time.

Lawn modules and slopers are the most common type of grave memorials, and are often found in lawn cemeteries. They are used to mark the site of a grave, of a single person or a family, and last longer than traditional lawn headstones. They are placed on a slope, making them longer lasting.


Hall’s Memorials traditional lawn modules are available to be customised in many ways. They can be made out of granite or marble, or any other stone selection available to us, and can be customised for text, colours, and additional features.


Ceramic photo plaques are available as an additional option, and our caring and understanding team can help you choose according to the wishes of your family and loved one. 


We only use the finest quality granite and stone at Hall’s Memorials, and we take great pride in providing high quality products that last for a lifetime. There are a range of stone options and colours to choose from, and Hall’s Memorials is proud to be able to provide a range of customisation options.


Contact Hall’s Memorials today to discuss options for creating a beautiful memorial for your loved one.


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