Pet Memorials

More than just a pet.

We understand that cats, dog, and the range of animals that are companions to humans, are not just pets. They are members of the family as much as a parent, sibling, aunt, or uncle. Having a pet memorial is important for the grieving and remembering process, the same way it is important when we lose a human loved one.

Hall’s Memorials provides customisable pet memorials that can be placed at your home or wherever your pet’s body or ashes have been put. We have a range of options for colours, shapes, and stone types, and many options for inscription and photo plaque memorials.

We are happy to create a beautiful memorial that not only represents your pet and your special relationship with them, but a memorial that suits the place that it will reside. 

We use the same high quality materials to create our pet memorials as the ones we use for our human headstones and memorials, so you are guaranteed a long-lasting product.

Contact Hall’s Memorials professional team today to discuss creating a beautiful memorial for your pet.


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