Single Monuments

Meticulously crafted single monuments

Hall’s Memorials’ full single monuments are meticulously crafted in high quality granite and can be fully customised according to your requirements. The full single monument is a larger alternative to the traditional lawn style headstone. 

Customisations can be made to full single monuments including text engraving, photographs, and the final finish. A range of granite colours are available to select from, including different fonts and colours of text engraving. Families may also wish to adorn the monument with vases for flowers, photographs, ceramics and statues. We are able to accommodate a variety of religious requirements such as symbols and icons. Discussion around customisations takes place during our customisation process, so please contact our team to find out more about adding customisation to a full single monument.

Single monuments have the following grave cover options:

  • Granite chips
  • Ledger

Families who chose a single full monument may also want to consider whether a double would be required in the future. A double monument is more cost effective than two singles, so Hall’s Memorials recommends making this consideration before the time of purchase.

Our single full monuments are made to the requirements of many cemeteries in the Mildura area, but certain cemeteries do not permit single monuments. Please contact us to find out whether the specifications meet the requirements of your burial site. Make an enquiry online or over the phone.


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