Photo Plaques

Precious memories preserved for life.

A photo in the final resting place of your loved one is a lovely way to preserve precious memories long after they are gone. Hall’s Memorials provides photo plaques as an addition to almost all memorial types, including single and double monuments as well as chapel and canopy memorials. 


The photo choice and its location on the memorial are fully customisable depending on your design ideas and desires, and whether you are also adding engraving or symbols. Photo plaques bring the experience of reliving beautiful memories with our loved ones every time we visit their burial site. 


Hall’s Memorials ensures a high quality, high gloss image that withstands sunlight and weather to stay beautiful for a long time. A variety of shapes and sizes are available, and can therefore be used on a variety of different memorial types.


A photo plaque is an option you can choose after you have selected a memorial style and size, and can be a part of the customisation process. Contact us to talk to our team about having a photo plaque on your loved one’s memorial. Contact Hall’s Memorials to discuss adding a photo plaque to a memorial.


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