Double Monuments

Double full monuments for those who wish to be together.

A double full monument is a decision often made by families with two people who would like to be buried side by side. The common process for double full monuments is that the first monument is installed for one partner, and the other part is installed once the second partner passes on. Hall’s Memorials is able to complete the second inscription and any additional details at the time that it is required.

Like other monumentals provided by Hall’s Memorials, we can provide full customisation of granite stone colour, text engraving, and additional adornments. You may select from a range of granite stone colours as well as text engraving colour. Hall’s Memorials can add religious statues and icons, as well as additional adornments such as vases and ceramic photo plaques.

Double monuments are available in a range of configurations:

  • Granite chips
  • Ledgers and lowered pathway

Please contact Hall’s Memorials to discuss the requirements of the burial site of your chosen family member. Our double monuments are made to the requirements of Australian Standards, and can be delivered and installed in many cemeteries in the Mildura Cemeteries Trust.


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